Take a trip around the World with this week’s pick of the most stunning and captivating travel shots .From amazing South African Mountain Views to fun and quirky Jump shots in Egypt and a floating breakfast in Bali ,these travellers keep serving us a healthy dose of wanderlust.

@bhampton in Chiang Mai, Thailand via @travelnoire
@thetravelingchild in Barbados via @wegotooworld
@mslioness2u in Bolivia via @wegotooworld
@mini_marley in Capetown,South Africa via @soulsociety
@leona.in.vogue in Egypt via @Soulsociety
@drew.mims in ‘the secret garden’ ,Mexico via @soulsociety
@cantstayput_ puff in Cuba via @wegotooworld
@bless_i_cleant in Bali ,Indonesia via @wegotooworld
@being.rene in Jamaica via @soulsociety
@diluman in Marrakech, Morocco via @travelnoire

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