Here is this week’s rundown of the top ten African travel shots of the week,spending time with friendly Animals seemed to be a highlight from riding water Buffaloes in Cuba and Elephants in the rivers of Thailand to snorkeling with sea creatures in the Philippines.When traveling abroad ,getting to know the inhabitants of that Country (Animals and People) are as fun and rewarding as viewing iconic sites and architecture.

@wheninroaming in Hoi An, Vietnam via @travelnoire
@ada_daddy in Colombia via @wegotooworld
Riding Water buffalo in Viñales, Cuba @internationalmelanin via blackandabroad
@m2theoe & @feeeenicole riding Elephants in Thailand via @blackandabroad
@carleymx in Milan,Italy via @blacktravelista
Oranjestad. @the_socialprefect in Aruba via @WeGoTooworld


@ash.uzoamakai in Brazil via @WeGoTooworld
.@simplycyn in Marrakech ,Morocco via @wegotooworld
@tokitonegrito in Olob,Philippines @WeGoTooworld
@__janaynicole in Brazil via @WeGoTooworld

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