Growing up I wanted to be a film director, because I’ve always been around dad; he would take me to locations and always be on set of some or other shoot; like I basically grew up in a film school. I started singing almost by accident. On of my dad’s colleagues was producing a show. So he said “Oh do you know how to sing? I know you know how to sing” because my mum was alss in the industry; she was involved in a lot of movies back in the olden days. A lot of people in the movie industry had already grown up and most of them knew that I could sing because I always used to sing in church. So I went to try it out I was just really playing around and then they picked me. The best moment of my career so far has been winning best female vocalist in my country, four years in a row. And now I moved up to a point where I’m going to go perform in a festival China. I seem to have a pretty big fanbase over there! I must admit, sometimes it’s hard being a female in a very male dominated industry but I give it all it takes. The best way to succeed is to never compete with the men, instead collaborate with them. If you collaborate with a lot of the men, their fans are going to see you, you understand; because their fans are looking at them already. So if you think that they are doing great, try and infiltrate them, infiltrate with your talent and your act and your music – it can’t be denied because they know that they also need you. If they truly know how amazing you are, enough to want to put you on their sound and once you’re able to collaborate with them, that gives you like an insight into their world, do you understand. My biggest life lesson so far is to I never give up, is to keep going, keep going till you get it, whatever it is you want in life.



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