I was very passionate about art. I was really good at it in high school. It used to be my favourite subject, so I wanted to be an artist or work in the lines of graphics. Anything that would allow me to create imagery, drawings or paintings. And then that changed and I fell in love with the camera. I wanted to be a model, . And through that I then wanted to be in the entertainment industry, I wanted to be a presenter. I remember I was watching a show called X-Additude when I was younger and I was like yep, I want to be on tv! My first love was art but I am a very talkative person, I love hearing about people’s stories, I love talking to people. So anything that had to do with interacting with others attracted me. I first initially started as a model. I used to do promos and in-store shoots, editorials. I actually worked really hard to make it a success because I wasn’t the typical model. I didn’t have the height so through that I started getting introduced to people. There was a Fanta show with Sizwe Dlomo for I think Highveld FM or 5FM, and after seeing his presenting I was like I want to be a presenter, this guy is really cool. Slowly I started working behind the scenes, I was working for MTV Base and then they had the VJ search and I was like I want to enter this! But because I worked there it was a conflict of interest, so I was planning to quit so I can enter the competition when they did it again, and then a job came through for an entertainment show called Top Entertainment and that’s how it started. That’s how I became a presenter. Then I moved to Channel O and got my own show. Stories inspire me. An authentic story that defines what being a human is. We all have different stories and come from different backgrounds. So to hear someone else’s story inspires me cause there is always some take away or lesson in other people’s lives. So I’m inspired through listening to people. This year I’ve learned that you are in charge of your own happiness. I’ve learned that you can’t control what people decide to do or how people treat you. I’ve learned to value myself, value my worth. I’m tearing up now thinking about it. I’ve learned that things will get tough and we need to be strong, for ourselves and the people around us. I’ve mostly learned self love and how vital it is for a human, for you to be happy. Self love is the core of making everything around you work. Because when you love yourself, you are happier when it comes to life, you are happier when it comes to work- you are more productive, you are happier in all your relationships because you only allow whats valuable and what makes sense to you. You only allow people who value you into your space.



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