I started modelling when I was like 15 – that was when I got scouted by JD. It wasn’t like a planned career thing, I never thought in a million years that I’d be a model or be going on TV or anything like that. I think it’s so important that there’s people of different shades, different sizes, everything, on TV and on social media because representation matter. My little sister is 13 and she’s growing up in this Instagram world where everyone looks exactly same; like everyone wants to have a tiny little nose, massive lips, big eyes, long hair and this like tanned sort of looking skin. There are more people that will have more influence on our new generation by looking different and being prized for looking different. Then the younger generation wouldn’t think that they need to look like that to be accepted. When I was 13, I wasn’t even thinking about those sort of things – we were worrying about playing games! The advice that I would give to my 16-year-old self is to not worry or care about other people’s opinion. You know, like when I was 16, I was so self-conscious, so insecure about myself. If I could go back and be 16 again, I would be like just be you, like it doesn’t matter what other people say or what people call you, like what people think or something like that; I’d just be myself. As an influencer I definitely do feel a sense of responsibility. I was conscious of some of the things I did in Survival of the Fittest – I would think to myself my grandfather is watching! I’m only 22 and I feel like I’ve still got a lot of learning and I’ve still got a lot of growing. When people are looking at me as like a role model, it’s a little bit of pressure and also I do sort of miss feeling like I can do or say anything I want, like going out and partying with my friends – what happens if someone comes and asks for a picture and I’m drunk and they look at me in a bad light? I get a lot of messages like “oh you’re my role model” but I’m still trying to find myself.


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