She’s the fast-talking rapper who faced a huge amount of backlash on social media but came back fighting. Meet Nadia Nakai.

When I was growing up, I didn’t really have a set profession that I wanted to be. I wanted to just be like my mom because I’d see her always at her desk, her glasses on and pushing paper around. I didn’t know what she was doing, but I wanted to be just like her, an educated person. I remember watching her study a lot, she was working and going to school and I remember thinking ‘I want to be able to have a table with a lot of papers on it’.’ So I knew I wanted to be an intellect of some sort. I discovered rap after we relocated to Kenya. I went to an international school called Braven High based in Nairobi. Firstly I did drama as a subject, here in SA it’s not offered as an elective so I was pretty excited to be able to study something out of the ordinary science, biology, you know? And so I did drama, and that’s where I learned a lot of my confidence for performance arts. There was a cultural day at school and some of the local artists came to perform, like Mazizi, and Prezzo and I was inspired, by especially Mazizi because she was a female dancehall artist in Kenya. And she was like you talk so fast, you should think about rapping. From a very young age I always felt like I didn’t fit in with other kids, and I always felt depressed about that, because I was born in Zimbabwe so the kids here were distant and even when I went to Kenya, I felt different. So if I could say something to the younger me, I’d tell myself,

‘hey, it’s okay. You’ll eventually find friends you resonate with, for now enjoy your uniqueness, cultivate and explore your personality confidently.’

2018 blessed me with a lot of opportunities. The pace that I grew at was phenomenal and I’m in awe of the things I’ve achieved in just 12 months. It makes me realise that you need to always look at things like that and just trust your journey. I’ve learned the hard way that people that are close to you, people that you put your all into you, won’t always be there for you. I’ve learned how to still be there for those that I care for but on the same token, know that I still need to be my own person and not put my all into that. You need to build on your own so you aren’t destitute when they leave. Earlier this year I had that social media backlash when I had such negative feedback for going out with no makeup on my face. The show Isidingo even made fun of me and I was so disappointed in them because then I was sitting there asking myself since when did we become so desensitized to human emotion?? But I had to grow and get past it, and I did. And I use the confidence, born from making it through many moments of self-power, I use that to create.


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