A lot of people see influencers as some kind of robots online. When you bump into someone who follows you in the street they are almost shocked that we are actually human and you are just like them. It sounds bizarre but a lot of people are like ‘ah, you’re actually so nice in person’ I’m like yeah why wouldn’t I be? Another one is because on social media everyone without a shadow of a doubt does this, but shows your best side of life. Influencers look very happy, they are living their best life, travelling, getting free clothes, going to events. Even though that’s the case, people forget that we are human and we all go through our own struggles. A lot of the time you would never know what someone is going though but we are just normal people just like everyone else.

“You get paid to do nothing”

A lot of people don’t realise how time consuming being an influencer/content creator really is. It’s honestly a lot of work. It’s not just about taking pictures. A lot of work goes into taking pictures, editing, making sure the content is always aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t sound like much but when you have 20, 000 other things to do and meeting brand requirements its very full on. Most people wouldn’t understand unless they were themselves put in the position. Having African parents meant that they didn’t understand where I was coming from.

“What is this social media thing?”

All my parents knew is go to school, go to Uni, get your education, get a job, get your house and focus on your work life. It took a very long time for them to accept it because they thought it was just a hobby, but when I mentioned I wanted to put a lot of energy into it, it was a shock to the system. My mum is super understanding and she tries to give advice and puts in effort to understand my perspective. Even with trying to understand the perspective, it’s still hard to shift her beliefs. She understands it a lot more now, and she’s so supportive and gives me tips on how to present myself and encourages me to be active in terms of events and everything else. She even takes my Instagram pictures from time to time. She had to see the results of everything, because when I had a lot less followers it didn’t make sense to her and it looked like I was wasting my time. Especially with African parents being so private, being ‘out there’ was a massive fear for them.

I have three people who I look up to. I always choose internal inspiration because its retable, I see the growth, I see the hard work, I see the determination, I see the fails and the come up. But the most inspirational person to me is my mother. I’ve never seen a person as strong as her. She is actually a champion. I’ve seen her break down and get back up 100x stronger with each struggle that came by. She’s super hard working and she holds so much together and I don’t know how she does it. Things will crumble and in a blink of an eye, its all fixed. To have so much love, so much patience and so much forgiveness no matter how wrong people do her is so inspirational to me. God gave her amazing strength. I aspire to be like her everyday. If I can even be half of what she is, that would be amazing!


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