Salma Mumin is a Ghanaian actress. For her work as an actress, she has received several awards and nominations in the movie industry including Papyrus Magazine Screen Actors Awards (Pamsaa Awards) Best International New Actress in 2014.

My parents initially weren’t very happy about my choice of career because I had given up my education for acting. I was really running off with this thing called acting. But I said to myself that I didn’t care what anybody thinks about me; I’m just going to go ahead and chase my dream. 2018 has been an amazing year for me. It’s been filled with a lot of ups and downs, I learnt a lot in 2018. I went out there and won myself a movie grant, even though it hasn’t been easy because I’ve been working really hard. Last year when the year is about to end, I took to my Instagram page and posted, “I’m going to love myself so much in 2018” and ever since that day, I focused on myself, I started seeing myself as having great strength and someone who can do more and achieve my dreams if I believe in myself and focus exactly on what I want. Because I believed so much in myself and loved myself more, this has really worked and performed magic in my life. Ever since I started taking myself seriously, a lot of people and companies a lot of friends have taken me seriously. I have really spent a lot of time and money on my brand and its not even started. Growing up, I used to have this perception that, okay, if I was a nice person, everybody should be nice to me. But no – I’ve come to realize that nobody actually owes anybody anything at all. You being nice to someone doesn’t guarantee that they are going to be nice to you. So everything you do, you need to trust in yourself, believe in yourself and make sure you do everything by yourself. It is only yourself that is going to give you everything you need, relying on other people, you end up getting disappointed day after day. You just have to believe and trust in God. Do not put your trust in anybody but yourself – you can give yourself everything you need. 



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