Finding the perfect brown lipstick as a dark-skinned lady can sometimes be very tricky. Even more difficult is determining the undertone of the colour so that you are able to tell if it will sit nicely against your skin or wash you out and make you look grey.

According to Nhu Le CEO of Finding Ferdinand,  a lipstick company, the best way to determine your undertone is to look at the veins on your wrists:  Blue veins indicate a cool undertone, and green veins indicate a warm undertone. It is recommended that those with cooler undertones experiment more with bright pops of colour reds and bright oranges and corals as those would blend with their skin tone, and those with a warmer undertone, a variety of deep browns and burgundies.

Being as experimental as possible to find your signature style is always your best bet, but sometimes, you are not up for all the stress and you want something that will look beautiful on a diverse range of dark skin tones. if you are in the market for one of this one-for-all- dark-skin products, you definitely want to check out our top 3selectionn of   top 3 brown lippies for any dark skin.

NARS ‘Rock with you’

Light filled, matte finish with a strong deep burgundy finish, great for a day to night and looks amazing with a clear gloss.

Mudd beauty ‘Earth strong’

Online cosmetics brand – vegan and organic friendly Mudd beauty have introduced their beautiful deep brown shade Earth strong which has a complete matte finish without the drying effect.

Patronnes Cosmetics ‘Melanin’

The best selling chocolate shade from Patronnes Cosmetics ‘Melanin’, which is highly pigmented with a fresh strawberry scent.


Have you ever used any of these lippies? share your review in the comment section!


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