Every day people get fired from their jobs. From high-class executives to low-class workers. Most amazing is that these people, most times, do not have prior knowledge or clue they are about to be fired.  But then, whether there is a genuine cause for them getting fired or they were laid off because of a mass layoff, losing a job never feels good. No one wants to deal with the stress of navigating the job hunt.

If you’re going to lose your job, having a hint that you are getting fired helps or figuring it out long before being summoned to the HR’s office makes it easier. You can at least get started on your job search while you’re still employed.

To ensure you never find yourself totally blindsided by a pink slip, we have three warning signs that tell when the axe may be about to fall. And if notice them on time, it might help you turn the situation around or cushion the effect.

There’s New Blood on the Floor

If your company has recently acquired another company or has been acquired by another company and there’s someone whose job description is same as yours, you could be in big trouble. Schedule a meeting with your boss to express your concerns. Ask if your skill set could serve the company in other ways. At the very least, he or she may be able to give you a heads up that your days may be numbered. This gives you a chance to get started on your job search as soon as possible.

You Made a Major Mistake

Most times when people make mistakes they are tempted to apologize profusely, but this could hurt their case rather than help it. It could be the getaway to them getting fired. The last thing you want to do is repeatedly call attention to your gaffe. Plus, no matter how sincere your “I’m sorry” is, it is not a productive way to handle the situation. Your best stake is to take on the role of a strategic partner by asking your boss what you can do to alleviate the damage quickly. Most higher-ups want to see you do well, and are willing to mentor you through a screw-up, no matter how colossal.

Your Projects are decreasing

If you notice that duties are slowly being taken away from you, talk to your boss about it. Be candid and tell them you have noticed your role dwindling and would like to stay an integral part of the team. This way you are at least vocalizing that you want to be there. Again, you may want to keep a running list of your accomplishments so you can pull it out to show higher-ups, reminding them of everything you have done well.

Can you think of other warning signs that tell when one is close to being fired? share with us!

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