The Red lip is the most classic beauty trend. From as far back as ancient Egypt, when Mesopotamian women would decorate their lips with crushed semi-precious stones, the red-lip has been the preferred look. It is glamorous, feminine, timeless…and it can work for almost any ensemble if you know the how to wear it.

Given, there are different gorgeous shades of red, and lovely textures, but there are a few tricks that make achieving the perfect red super easy.  From layering to powdering up, we have a list of 5 surprising red-lipstick tricks to help you pull off the perfect red pout.

Prep your lips

Ever wonder why red looks great and smoother on some lips and not on some others? The reason some people are not able to pull off the perfect red lip is that their lips do not have even surface. Prep your lips by exfoliating with an old toothbrush or homemade lip scrub, then moisturize lips first with a hydrating balm or a primer like MAC’s MAC Prep + Prime Lip which is great for smoother and longer lasting lip. If you have tried the lipstick earlier and realized the shade looks completely different on you than is advertised, further prep your lip by applying foundation or concealer to your lips before you apply the product.

Powder Up

While a large number of people are obsessed with the red lip, most stay away from it as they do not know how to control the bleeding into the skin.  And honestly, wearing a bleeding red lip can be quite unattractive. A simple trick to tackle this is to use a fluffy powder brush to dust a bit of setting powder, like INVISIMATTE Blotting Powder by Fenty Beauty, onto lips, then let dry. Doing this allows the color to stay on all day and prevents any form of bleeding.

Layer It

Another trick that works every time is piling on more than one layer of the red lipstick. You need to do the coating systematically though. Use blotting papers, like the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Blotting Paper, in between coats or between to maximize staying power. It is easier than it sounds, basically,  you smush your lips onto a tissue, and apply another layer of lipstick. Doing this helps to set each layer of lipstick before your final coat.

Try a Lip liner

Lip liners are the perfect tool to ensure your red lips stay intact all day and your lips look fuller rather than boring. Use a red liner like NARS Mariachi (brick red) Precision liner or nude liner to trace around your pout. Make sure the strokes are delicate and close or within your natural lip line. You could also opt for a darker red to outline the lips, with strokes going inwards to create an ombre look on your lips.


Image Source (Model): stephaniefaiirah

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