Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and there is excitement in the air…at least for couples. If you are single, however, you probably either can’t be bothered with all the fuss or you are secretly miserable over the fact that you will be all alone on the day: no flowers, no cake, no boo to make you feel extra special.

To be honest, being single on Valentine’s day sucks, but you can decide to forget the whole thing exists and live your life like it were any other boring day  OR you can make the most of your singlehood by treating yourself to Valentine’s Day you’ve always deserved.

To get some perspective on what to do to make Valentine’s Day memorable even if you are single, here are a few things we suggest you do:

Be your own valentine

What is the fuss about Valentine anyway? A man takes the woman out and they eat somewhere fancy, right? He also maybe gets her a fancy gift and vice versa. So…who says you can’t be your own valentine? You are sufficient on your own. Dress up on Valentine’s day, make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and make you don’t hold back when making your order, then walk into your favorite store and pick out a gift for yourself.

Plan a trip with your single friends

There is no way you do not know any other single people. Rather than stay alone in your apartment and wallow in self-pity, ring your single friends up and organize a short Valentine’s Day getaway. It could be a trip to a city nearby or a trip outside the country, and it could be just for 1 day. The more the merrier…and cheaper. A mini vacation that will distract you from the lack of ‘love’ in your life but also remind you that there is more to life than being swept off your feet by a partner on valentine’s day.

Cook Valentine’s Day dinner for your pets

You may not have a boo, but you have a few loyal beings (your pets, obviously) who would have been there for you. How about you show them some love instead on valentine? Spend time on Valentine’s Day cooking their favorite meal or making their best treat. Doing this will distract you from the feeling of sadness that may want to take you down, and the love that will be showered on you by your pets will be super worthwhile.

Go on a first date with someone you met on a dating app

If you feel you really must have someone to hang with on Valentine’s Day, or you are insistent on the charade of going on a date, you can just go on a dating app, find someone, and fix a date for Valentine. There are so many apps including Tinder, Badoo, OkCupid, e.t.c The trick is to keep your mind open for any eventualities. You could be cat-fished in the end and end up having an awful evening or you may have the best time of your life, either way, you are entertained.

Get a psychic reading to see the future of your love life

The fact that you are single and alone on Valentine’s Day does not mean you will be alone forever (hopefully). Rather than pine over the dude or girl that did not send you flowers on Valentine’s Day or sit and wallow in fear of ending up alone, take the bull by the horns and search for a psychic reading. There are so many readers online who will be willing to do it for free. The psychic reading if fun and usually will give you hope and make you feel like someone hit the refresh button on your life.

Get some alone time

Who even says you cannot be alone on Valentine’s Day? While others are making plans and filling their day with activities to please themselves and their lovers, you are less under pressure as all you have to think about is yourself and the looming alone time. If you are not in the mood to be your own valentine, seize the moment for a bit of relation. You can decide to be extra and create the ultimate single girl playlist, then throw a dance party for one in your apartment, or you can just select a nice book from your shelf and read it from top to end, or binge-watch a captivating TV show.

 Are going to be spending Valentine alone this year? What do you have planned? let us know!

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