Every traveler who has had to wait at the airport will agree to one thing: it can be a nightmare. Whether the flight was delayed or canceled, you chose to arrive 4 hours too early for your flight, or the flight came with a long layover and you are stalled in transit, it can be a total drag.

No one likes to be stuck in an airport. The frustration can get you so angry at the world you start to yell at every airline employee you meet or make a scene every chance you get.The worst part is that there usually is very little you can do to change the situation, except wait it out or forfeit the trip entirely.

Fortunately, your wait at the airport does not have to be a bore. If you have a couple of hours to kill at the airport and you are looking for ways to pass the time, here are six entertaining ways to make the most your extra hours at the airport.

Unwind in the Airport Lounge

A number of travelers avoid the airport lounge as they are unwilling to pay for access. Airport lounges typically cost around $50 per day, but with all the benefits of an airport lounge including free Wi-Fi, drinks and snacks, showers, comfy seating where you can stretch out and take a nap without worrying about your luggage, and a service desk representative who can help re-book flights, you stand to gain more with a day access. It could actually also save you a lot of money.

Take Your Time To Explore The Different Airport Areas

A little wandering has never hurt anyone. Rather than sit on the stiff airport benches, staring into space, take a walk around the airport and familiarize with space. Most airports have signposts and directions as well as officers standing around the airport to answer your questions or redirect you in case you are lost. Discover all the shops, restaurants, lounges etc. available. Some airports feature such attractions as art galleries, museums, cinemas, aquariums, ice-skating rinks, and even a planetarium. If you are with a group, you can actually play the hide- and -seek game. It is, however, important to remain conscious of time in the course of your wandering, so that you do not miss your flight in the end.

Go Shopping

One of the perks of waiting in an airport is the chance to do some duty-free shopping. From Perfumes, clothing, electronics and alcohol to gift items, you have a lot of options, some even created by local designers and creative talents. And if you still have some foreign currency from your trip, shopping could be a great way to spend the last of it on souvenir items. You can also buy something that would help ease boredom on the flight, like a novel, a magazine, e.t.c.

Enjoy a Meal

Food is something you are bound to find at every airport. Most airports have food courts where you can find restaurants, from top-notch to budget, that have myriad culinary offerings. Look through the menu and settle for the one that most appeals to you. You may decide to try different menus from different restaurants, perhaps appetizer in one restaurant, main course in another and dessert in yet another. Just be careful not to eat anything that might upset your stomach on the flight.

Maximize the Wi-Fi

Most airports offer complimentary Wi-Fi connection to travelers. When they don’t, they provide the option of purchasing data at a cost. Locate the area of the airport where the signal is the strongest and camp there. You could stream a movie online, read an e-book, watch videos on YouTube or Skype with your parents or friends you haven’t spoken to in a while. You could also decide to take a quick online class or do some online window shopping. You would be surprised how time would fly with you just surfing the internet or just catching up on celebrity gossip.

Make a friend

It may be fun just sitting, watching passersby and imagining or making up life stories for them, but after a while, that would be boring. The time at the airport could be the perfect opportunity to hone your social skills. Smile and strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. Start by paying them a compliment or asking them a question about their destination. Listen to them as they share their experience and do not be afraid to share yours as well.

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