Birth control pills are the easiest things. You just pop one in your mouth, swallow it and you are safe…right? The general idea is that it is helps you prevent pregnancy, but here’s a thing: it’s always been more than just birth control! It since ignited a sort of sexual revolution as it  allowed feminists to emerge, women who can now live ‘life’ on their own terms as they can protect themselves and control when and how they groom their sex lives, and even their femininity.

While the awareness of the pill is spreading, there still are a lot of mystery and misinformation out there about how it works, the different types, what you can do with it and the effects it can have on you besides pregnancy prevention. And some of these misinformation has discouraged a lot of women and put them at unnecessary risks.

So maybe you are on the Pill, how clued up are you on it? (Hint: most likely a lot less than you think). Here are somethings you probably need to know:

It’s okay to miss a period on the pill

You probably may freak out the minute you realize you miss your period, when on the pill. You imagine the pill has damaged your womb and you probably can no longer have children. Fortunately, missing a period while on the pill does not indicate anything abnormal as long as you have been following the does faithfully.  Taking the pill usually thins the uterine lining, so much that you may no longer bleed from it anymore…at least until you stop the pill, as then the uterine lining gets thicker, and you start to bleed again. If you have not taken the pill correctly though, the missed period could actually be pregnancy.

Taking the pill on time requires a time window

There different types of birth control pills and each of them tend to require that you follow a time window. For instance, Progestin-only pills require a three-hour window daily; combination progestin-estrogen pills require an even wider space, e.t.c. When you miss one day of the pill or you do not follow the time window, chances are you no longer remain ‘safe’.

You can use the pill to control PMS and period pain

PMS sucks and period pain is even worse! The pill is a good way to reduce the stressful symptoms and pain. Taking them continually can help with the bloating, you get fewer headaches, less-severe menstrual cramps, and even fewer periods. Actually, if you aim is to skip your period entirely, all you need to do is skip the sugar pills and start a new pack.

The pill won’t affect your weight

There is the usual fear that the pill will lead to weight gain, bit contrary to this popular belief, it doesn’t. No doubt, the first set of birth control pills that were launched, had higher doses of hormones that did lead to weight gain, but the ones being produced today are improved. They offer lower doses of hormones and there’s no huge weight gain associated with taking them.

The pill can alter your sex drive

The pill works on your hormones to prevent pregnancy, and usually, it affects your sex drive too. While the effect might be negligible, it can cause a woman to experience either a decrease in sex drive, or an increase, depending on your body system. There are however some women who have taken the pills for some time and have not witnessed any change on their sex drive at all.

It isn’t foolproof

Birth control pill are a great way of staying safe when having sex, as regards avoiding pregnancy, however it is not foolproof. They have a higher rate of failure than other contraceptives like intra-uterine devices (IUDs) or birth control rings. It is usually difficult to keep up with the doses , especially when you’re living a busy life, so you face a measure of  risk with it.

Are you on birth control? Did you know any of these facts? Which ones surprised you the most? Share you thoughts in the comments section below!


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