Internationally acclaimed Grammy award-winning singer, Fuse ODG, the Ghanaian musician who found global fame with his first single ‘Azonto’ before following that up with several hit singles, is preaching the message of self-love for people of colour. It’s movement very dear to the heart of the singer, he wants every African woman to appreciate her skin colour and beauty.

Contrary to normal white dolls the world is used to, Fuse ODG is pioneering a new movement in addition to his Tina Festival by manufacturing and selling dark-skinned dolls under the collective name Nana Dolls. The first batch of dolls unveiled at the Accra Mall had all the dolls clothed in the rich Ghanaian kente outfits at an affordable price for kids.

With this Fuse has succeeded in raising another conversation around whether Africans need to create their stuff and stop the importation from overseas?

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