Ruff Tung’s unique designs which cater for plus-sized African women, brought a powerful energy on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runway held in Johannesburg this past weekend.

The Ruff Tung Inclusive spring/summer collection is all about promoting confidence and comfort with your own body image regardless of what size you may be. They believe that all women should be able to wear what they want and that they must all get to experience wearing beautiful fashion.

After the show we went to have a chat with the co-owner and designer behind the brand, Bridget and Ludwig.

Q: You just had a great show, the audiance was so welcoming and moved by your collection, how do you feel right now.
A: So happy, so excited, like you don’t understand. Most of the curved girls tonight it is their first time walking the runway so this was also such a massive opportunity for them.They are all photographic models and today for the first time they did runway and they brought Power!

Q: What inspired your brand’s inclusiveness identity?

A: We were inspired by our customers, people who loved our designs but they had no sizes that fit them. They would tell us how they struggle to find clothes that get them. So we decided to create this Ruff Tung Inclusive line where we can dress everybody,whether young or old and any size. Also
In Africa 80% of our market is a size 36 which is a large and she goes up.So we ‘sort of’ grew organically with the sizes.We then went up to a forty which is XXL and then we decided to keep going.

Q: So you are basically speaking to the market?

A: Yes. Actually our first sellers are always the bigger sizes,they are always the first to go.

Q: So where do you want to take your brand? You are currently only selling in South Africa n what are your plans?

A: You know that Fabuloud term Pan-Africa. Well we want to be a part of thag. We want to take this to the rest of Africa and then we will take it to the rest of the world. We always get opportunities to go and exhibit in London, but business is here! As African designers we have something unique and special, if you look at all the designers here there’s a vibe and energy here.

The the fun and charismatic duo behind the brand is also passionate about collaboration with African artists and as a result they sourced Khulu Chana’s song to accompany their line at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. And as fate would have it, unbeknown to the owners of the brand, one of their models would be none other than Khuli Chanan’s wife who looked absolutely radiant.








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