Acclaimed Photographer Aize Mohammed Paul is set to debut his first-ever solo photo-exhibition tagged ‘Frozen Choices, Sacred Space’ (Aze ne mwen Ode Oguna Nohuaen) in a private and public screening scheduled from the 28th of November- 6th of December 2020 at the 1952 Moneda Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria.

The virtual exhibition is set to take place on the same day and end on the 13th of December, 2020 on In this exhibition, Aize, a lawyer cum creative professional, takes on an intriguing journey through life, capturing different stages and development of the human mind and highlighting the struggles and intricacies that characterize the life of the
impoverished man. With a wealth of creative knowledge and expertise, he has worked with Triple R by Robert Cavalli, Orange Culture and Mai Atafo, amongst other prominent brands. Inspired by personal life experiences, Aize’s storytelling technique offers an artistic
lens into the impact of our present environment and its ecosystem.

“As a creative, my goal is to elevate humans to enable humanity. My greatest
inspiration is my life and its basics literally. I always sourced from within for
inspiration on this project”, Aize Muhammad Paul Esq, said.

All 13 works in this collection are interwoven seamlessly, keeping the viewer
enthralled throughout. Each has a label written in Benin language, a tribute to Azie’s
hometown in the heart of Southern Nigeria.

Curated by Kemi Awoyemi, ‘Frozen Choices, Sacred Space’(Aze ne mwen Ode Oguna
Nohuaen) series is a culmination of moments of human evolution, mirroring real life
experiences while unravelling concepts like hope, expectations, survival, and

About the Artist
Aize Muhammed Paul Esq., born 26th September 1990, hails from the heartbeat of the nation Nigeria, Benin City, Edo State. He obtained a Bachelor of Law degree from the famous Benson Idahosa University and was later called-to-bar from the Nigerian Law school. Aize soon decided to commit fully to exploring the creative scene. His creative process which kickstarted nearly a decade ago comprised the young artist collaborating with various brands and platforms, locally and internationally. These brands include Taibo Barca, 3paradise, Triple R by Robert Cavalli, Orange Culture, David Tlale, Mai Atafo, Assain, Vonne Couture,
NogRod amongst others. All of which have tapped into his iconic and creative input.

Aize, after serving under the previously mentioned brands whilst creating art in various forms, began to explore photography. This emerging Photographer, through his vast creative knowledge and experience, mirrors his encounters in life through engaging eye-catching
editorials. His first-ever exhibition “FROZEN CHOICES, SACRED SPACE” is undoubtedly a timeless body of work.