From releasing a fitness book ‘Healthy Living’ advocating for wellbeing, to bagging a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Management from European Business School, London and now campaigning against the kidnapping and slavery of immigrants in Libya, there are many reasons why Author and Fitness Enthusiast, Amara Kanu, is GLAM AFRICA’s celebrity feature for Day 1 of #12daysof glam, our 12 days of Christmas giveaway contest sponsored by SinaiBeauty.

The 31-year-old who also runs an interior design business in London is an inspiration to many, including her husband, Iconic Nigerian international ex-footballer, Nwankwo Kanu.  In this interview, she shares with us her journey to earning a master’s degree in Entrepreneurial Management, gives her opinion on the slavery situation in Libya and lets us in on her plans for 2018.


You just earned a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Management from European Business School, London.  What was the journey like? Do you feel accomplished?

A: The journey in itself was very engaging and eye-opening for me. The level of independent research I had to undertake to rise up to the challenge proved to me once again that any difficult task needs a kickstart and an answer to “why” you started it. The main lesson I learned in any entrepreneurial creation is asking and answering the question “How bad do you want it”. And yes I feel accomplished that I completed it even though it was highly tasking having to do it while taking care of my three young children. I lifted from it some experience with discipline and diligence and it helped me finally finish my new book “Healthy Living with Amara Kanu”. My children are proud of their mummy.  (You can get a copy of Amara Kanu’s book  here )


Is there one particular issue that you feel the most passionate about?

A: Well, mental wellbeing is a big one for me. Without health, you cannot enjoy wealth. Without your mind being in order, you cannot maintain anything you work for. Your mind plays a big role in keeping you healthy so I’m very big on keeping oneself and surrounding influences in a healthy state.

You recently spoke out about the slavery situation in Libya, what inspired that?

A: Home is where the heart is! I felt very uncomfortable knowing that such a large number of people have no home, no warm heart and lots of background aches and pains that are deeply intertwined with societal economics. I had to do what I could with the voice I have.

In your opinion, what are the next steps to keep that great momentum going as from the protests and petition you have circulated?

A:  I think the issue is multifaceted and interlinked though. For someone to want to sell another person, they must (i) think lowly of the other person (ii) have low moral values and self-development (iii) have the environment and opportunity to do such and (iv) think they can get away with it.

To address it would require tackling each of those enablers. And this would require a lot of inter-agency and PR (damage) work.  Complete and robust use of carrots and sticks against the powers that be, while at the same time not letting it get to enmity levels.

It’s no small job. Like I said, I think it’s deeper than just the eye meets.  (To sign Amara Kanu’s petition against slavery in Libya, go here)

What other issues would you like discussed/raised about Africa? Why?

A: The leadership in Africa is long overdue for a revamp. We have the means, but the leaders and law enforcers require a lot of education, positive influencing, transformation, and monitoring capabilities, combined with legislations. Leadership Revamp will grow the African economy and a lot of people will be healthier in mind and body if not for anything else.

What do you see yourself doing next? What can we expect from you heading into 2018?

A: 2018 is already started for me in a way that I didn’t imagine. Completing my masters and my new book opened a lot of doors for me because I’ve always wanted to influence the people around me positively with my light and the way I see things. I’m thankful for finding a niche through health, fitness and social media to be able to reach men & women across the world and share my experiences and gains with them. Touching others positively brings me fulfillment and there’s nothing better for me than to leave someone feeling much better than I’ve met them. Therefore 2018 is only going one way: More interactions with like-minded individuals, groups, avalanche and one to one mentoring engagements from me.

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