You will already know how much Glam Africa values entrepreneurial ambition in young role models who are laying their own foundation to build their own paths. We met up with Sonnah, founder of up and coming jewellery brand Amarachi, to hear what she had to say on building your own brand as a youth.image

Amarachi, an Igbo name meaning God’s Grace, is a brand especially unique for its combination of London streets style, pop culture and African iconography. Since its launch in 2011, the brand has been accumulating popularity and has high expectations of growing further. Sonnah didn’t initially intend to build a business when she started creating her designs. Failing to find statement piece which were a proper representation of her style, it seemed only natural to make her own. “Having no jewellery making knowledge whatsoever, I utilised tutorials on the internet and built up my jewellery making knowledge/skills over time.”


imageMuch can be said of this humble beginning in itself. How often do we complain about things not being suited to our preference? Why not do something about it? Think about an area you think needs more options, see what you can do about it.

“[Starting a business] happened organically” Sonnah goes on to tell. After several requests and a growing clientele, she went on to further refine her skill by going on to study jewellery manufacture and 2D design. This, combined with an evolving team of innovators, has greatly contributed with the growing success of Amarachi. School may not be for all of you but education is important, be it academic or vocational. Get a qualification doing something you enjoy, use the opportunities available to you, intern, get experience; the key is to start.image


So what’s to come for Sonnah and her team?

We have literally just finished and released a Valentines day gift range with the option to customise each design to make it extra special for your valentine. We are currently working on a new hat range which will be available soon.
The vision of the brand is to be the go-to place for dope accessories and to become a household name. The sky is the limit and we’re putting in the work so watch this space!


imageHave a look at the rest of the collection on the official Amarachi website.

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