Angela Basset is one of many Black women who seem to age like Wine,the older they get the better they look ! It surprises most people to learn that the successful Actress is 57,however her figure or skin does not give it away,and now she wants to help other dark skin Women with their skin care.With her doctor and aesthetic specialist Dr. Barbara Sturm , Angela is to launch a skin-care line to cater specifically for Women with darker complexions, a demographic that the Beauty industry too often sidelines.

The skin care line will be launched in July and will focus on issues that come with having Dark skin such as hyper pigmentation, inflammation, and unevenness.Black women do not have to worry about Wrinkles as much as our lighter skinned counterparts but our skin is not indestructible ,signs of ageing on darker skin are combated with a good skin care routine,Angela asserts that her skin products work against natural programmed cell death.


dark skin tones

The Skin Care line is  called ‘Darker Skin Tones ‘ and is available  in stores and online at Harrod’s.It will include five products: 150-ml. foam cleanser; a 75-gram enzyme cleanser; a 50-ml. face cream; a 50-ml. face cream rich, and a 30-ml. hyaluronic serum. It is priced from $58 for a cleanser to $335 for a hyaluronic serum.


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