We have discovered a new hot online store with unique pieces that can make any woman feel so sexy. Welcome to Ara Tribe.

About Ara Tribe;
Ara Tribe is a leading online premium vintage store. Ara means “body” in Yoruba. Our vision is to focus on hand picked textures and fabrics and reconstruct each bodysuit and tailor it to a woman’s curves. Our team consists of women who are fascinated with different vintage eras from 1920’s to 1990’s, so expect our inventory to express that.

An Ara Tribe woman is a leader who knows exactly what her style is and knows how to command power at any given moment.

Ara Tribe is a place where vintage meets modern, where you are given a chance to try something new and style it any way you choose. A place where you will not see some of our pieces floating around every social media profile. Since some of our bodysuits are vintage, expect only one design, and that is how we love it. We want our customers to fall in love with their bodysuit at first sight then purchase. First come, first serve.

Ara Tribe offers different styles of bodysuits: distressed bodysuits, tee bodysuit, jersey bodysuit, relaxed fit.

See photos below:

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