From fierce cheek bones to amazing bone structure, Rwandan beauty Lilian Uwanyuze  gives off a beachy holiday vibe in a new shoot by Beau Monde Society. The company which describes themselves as an eco-focused fashion communications agency specializing in fashion production, PR, and strategic branding selected Lilian as their muse for their latest photo story titled ‘Wildflower.’

Now here is a little back story, we all know Rwanda has had its fair share of civil war right? During her childhood, Lilian Uwanyuze was confined to solitude due to the chaos and brutality in her home country. Now based in Los Angeles, the African child is showing off her colourful personality while paying homage to her roots. Catch ‘Wildflower’ below

IMG_9687 IMG_9678 IMG_9707 IMG_9892 IMG_9891 IMG_9888 IMG_9873 IMG_9870 IMG_9841 IMG_9825 IMG_9820 IMG_9790 IMG_9778 IMG_9754 IMG_9753 IMG_9690 IMG_9681 IMG_9663 IMG_9660 IMG_9655 IMG_9640


Images via : Beau Monde Society



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