If there is one thing Africans around the world are known for, is creating more uses for a product in the home, if it allows. Today we explore 10 other uses for Astral’s body wash.

Who else remembers grandma telling you to chew on garlic when you started sniffing? Or when you scraped a knee? I remember wondering what in the world garlic had to do with a wound, but now that I’m grown and understand the immune boosting properties of garlic, I am grateful for Grandma’s wisdom.

Well this is one of those times, because Astral’s body wash is one of those essential home hacks to keep at all times! We have the scoop for you about all the different uses for this all-time favourite family brand’s latest addition to the family, the body wash.


Wash that Weave Girl!

If walls could talk, our bathrooms would be filled with all our hair struggles during a wash and the countless shampoo bottles we go through, especially those of us who wash one hair bundle at a time. Astral’s body washes are a moisture-rich product designed to create a creamy lather, meaning it takes a little bit to go a long way! 

Cure That Itch

While we are on hair, sometimes going too long without caring for your scalp can develop an insistent itch, to help sooth the irritation, use the body wash to moisturize the scalp before using your regular shampoo.

 Bubble Bath

A coveted me-time activity by most women, is a nice long hot bath with thick clouds of foam. With Astral’s range of flavours including the Original; Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, that experienced can be enhanced with the moisturizing Body wash used as bubble bath.

 Extend the life of your nylons

Before wearing new pantyhose, wash them first in water to which a few drops of body wash have been added. By the way, did you know that nylons are great for wiping deodorant stains you get on your clothes? It’s a hack after hack kind of day!

 Surprising Party gift

If someone you know is planning a wedding prefers bubbles over confetti or rice after the ”I do’s”, offer the body wash for filling the tiny bubble bottles. It will be a nice scented surprise over plain soap as they walk out happily into the bliss of a romantic honeymoon!

 As a makeup brush and hairbrush cleanser

Cleaning makeup and hairbrushes is an essential practice for every week as it helps reduce the risk of hidden dirt and bacteria. Remove excess hair and residue from your brushes then leave them to soak in a bowl of warm water and Astral body wash for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and leave them to dry out for squeaky-clean aroma-filled brushes.

 Mess-free Travel soap

Mix a little body wash with water into a spray bottle full and shake well to combine. Keep it in the car with a roll of paper towels for those inevitable emergency hand and face cleanups (especially if you have kids) or spot-cleaning small messes on clothing or the upholstery.

 Wash your body ‘duh’!

Just incase you forgot and got carried away with ideas about what else you could use your body was for, remember that any one of the moisturizer body washes can be used for just that, wash your body.  Astral’s Body Washes leave skin nourished, cleansed and silky soft all day long. Try using Astral washes with your favourite moisturiser for softer, smoother skin everyday.


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