If you have been keeping up with your favourite makeup perfectionists, and the beauty world in general then you will know about the new natural craze which has gone wild on instagram and the beauty industry.

Remember when contouring first come into the limelight around 3 years ago? Well now there is a new natural way of contouring for summer. The up and down weather we are currently having in London does not help the makeup closet for example, if you want to go all out with heavy foundation/concealer but afraid that the sunny weather will have you sweating like a pig? Its quite tricky however the new craze of contouring with a bronzer has been working wonders.

Revolution is a very cheap and cheerful brand selling powders and bronzers for WOC, check in your nearest Boots or Superdrug store.


If you follow Blac Chyna on snapchat, you may know about her recently cosmetics line Lashedbar.com which sells eyelashes and powders. Her MUA introduced contouring with a natural bronzer a few shades darker than her skin tone, which looks very smooth and natural. Used very well as a great highlighter so the best of both worlds right?

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Have a look on Lashedbar.com for more beauty inspo as well as Chyna’s new lash and cosmetics line and let us know your thoughts on contouring with a bronzer, giving you that smooth, natural look.


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