Q: I feel like I’ve had the same makeup routine since I was 14: foundation/tinted moisturizer, the same muted bronze eyeshadows with the expected highlighter on the inner part of the eye and red lipgloss. Do you have ideas/tips for new ways to mix it up? I feel like I’m a paint-by-numbers …


GA: If you are looking to infuse some new life into your makeup routine, and you are clueless as to where/how to start here are some tips to get you started:

Don’t replace all your makeup at once: Doing this can take you from excited to frustrated in a minute. Focus on changing/introducing one item at a time in your regular routine. For instance, start with your eyes, and play around with a couple of eyeshadow palettes/lashes, and master that before you move on to lipsticks. Take your time to get yourself used to using new tools and products.

Timing is everything: A first date, job interview or when you’re rushing to work are never the best times to try new looks you haven’t mastered. Play and practice in your free time to see what suits you. The more you practice, the less time you’ll spend getting ready each day and the more naturally the motions will come to you.

Testers are your friend: Makeup testers stations in a cosmetic store are your best friends when it comes to switching up your look. Find a store/studio (like the Sleek Makeup Studios) that has makeup artists on hand to offer free trials using testers and help you select what looks best for your skin type and face shape before you commit
to a purchase.

Have fun with it: It is just makeup. Not heart surgery. Have fun, and be open-minded about trying new products. It’s not a tattoo: if you don’t like it, you can always wash it off!


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