What really is the difference between Mud, Charcoal and Clay Masks??

When it comes to rejuvenating the skin on your face for a nice fresh glow, everyone knows that masks are the way to go. But when the market is saturated with different kinds, from mud, clay, charcoal and even seaweed treatments, it’s imperative to be aware of their benefits and when you need to go for the one over the other. So today is education day!

Mud masks and clay masks have many benefits to the skin when applied. Often used in spa treatments, both types of facial masks can also be purchased in beauty shops for use at home.

Clay is a drying agent while mud is more for hydrating. It is important to know what type of skin you have and the differences before choosing a product to use on your skin.

Beauty blogger and CEO of @shopwithteeka4, an online beauty and makeup shop has reviewed three products to help you identify the best product for your skin, regarding when you need a mud, charcoal or clay mask.

Products reviewed:
Aztec clay mask (very oily – normal skin)

Marykay Charcoal Mask ( very – normal skin )

Dead sea mud mask ( all skin types)

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