The Best Street Styles From Paris Fashion Week

As fashion week quickly comes to a close, we are looking back on the best of what designers had to offer this season.

From New York, to London, Milan, and to Paris, designers were showcasing their wares in all their glory. From gorgeous ensembles  to groundbreaking model moments to hair raising beauty looks, fashion week was a buzz full of inspiration. And boy, there were some good hair raising moments.

Rainbow braids, creative ponytails and gorgeous weaves were among the looks that caught our eyes. Here are some best hair looks to try out:

  1. If you’re interested in creating an edgy ‘look at me look’, then these beaded bold braids may come in handy. You can enlist the help of a good hair gel to hold your hair in place and looking neat. You can add some hair extensions on your natural curls to create a one of the kind show-stopping look.
beautymondays-the-best-hair-looks-to-try-out-from-the-fall 2019 fashion shows
The Best Street Styles From Paris  Fashion Week

2. Also if you are looking to stand out like a queen, this Khalessi icy white hairstyle can be a defining look.

The Best Street Styles From Paris Fashion Week

3. It’s almost impossible not to be intrigued by rainbow braided hair. Beauty devotees are dressing their strands in all colours of the spectrum, resulting in some epic hair moments .

The Best Street Styles From Paris Fashion Week

4. We can all agree that Faux locs are here to stay! There are versatile, fun, and a fabulous look to try out: plus, just about anyone can wear them.

The Best Street Styles From Paris Fashion Week

5. Short dyed hair is a bold fashion statement statement in itself, as it always adds a nice touch that complements every skin tone.

The best hair looks to try for fall

Will you be trying any of these hairstyles? Let us know in the comments!

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