Some of us grew up on Disney movies dreaming of a tall, dark, handsome (and rich) man who one day comes to save us from our mediocre lives. But then we discovered satisfying careers and independence while we waited. so what happens when the man actually comes along?

Let’s be honest, Disney movies or not, most women spend hours upon hours dreaming of a wealthy handsome man who will claim her as his own and therefore saving us from our struggling. But then Destiny’s Child and a couple of other #GirlPower bands came along and advocated that women save themselves- buy their own rings.

And for a while we were happy to build our own careers and take up the economic challenge by the horns- climb the ladder and thrive in the work force. In fact we fell in love with it. Now we have female CEOs of conglomerates; self-starters of innovative businesses and scientists who are saving the world one day at a time.


So what happens then, when the knight in shinning armour does eventually show up for you? A rare and selective occurrence but say he does, and he comes, offering you to quit your job because he can take care of you (and some more) and let you travel the world and go shopping whenever you feel like it.

Lets entertain the thought for a second…

You get to sleep in- every morning; not worry about your bills getting paid on time. You get to choose what you want to do everyday, and everyday can be something different. An art class today, tomorrow a tour around the museum and the next day a full body spa treatment. You get to explore different restaurants for lunch and sample the best dishes on the menu.

The only thing that the blissful new life leaves out is purposefulness. At some point, touring your city or the world will feel meaningless because the feeling of not contributing to society sets in… well for most of us.

Regardless of your religion, it is engrained in our humanity to be productive and creative. Achieving something of value to others gives us a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. So when accomplishment rivals the romantic dream of an all in one man, which do you choose?

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