Prejudice against people of colour has been a global virus eating deeper into the fibres of society. Individuals have lost their jobs and refused to be given the nod for a higher opportunity because of their melanin nature.

Some influential figures have risen up to speak for diversity and inclusion in its totality, in a few instances their voices were heard leading to a bend in the rules in certain places to accommodate people of colour, but is that enough?

Nigerian filmmaker and businesswoman, Beverly Naya is bringing life and joy to black people everywhere with her latest self-produced documentary titled ‘Skin’ featuring notable faces  Dianna Yekinni, Phyno,  Eku Edewor and more breakout stars. Skin captures the story of each of these people in a griping production who’s teaser was released recently.

Check out the teaser below and let us know in the comment box of your thoughts.

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