For the past few days, the world has unified to support black people and black voices in the wake of a series of injustices perpetuated against people of colour in the USA. As more and more people wake up to the injustices black people face on a daily basis, it has also become more and more evident that we all need to make a conscious effort to support black people and black businesses all over the world, and the UK is no different. From fashion and beauty to travel and food, here are just a few of the black and African-owned businesses based in the UK that we think deserve your attention.

1. KAI Collective (fashion)

2. Dollhouse London (hair)

3. Canvas Cosmetics

4. Mowalola (fashion)

5. London To Lagos Travels (tourism)

6. Chuku’s London (food/tapas)

7. Uoma Beauty

8. New Beacon Books

9. Prick London (interiors)

10. SD Hair & Beauty