For some brides, a guest attending to their wedding wearing White is a serious faux pas and for other’s it can be a direct request and dress code requirement as we have seen with the likes of Solange Knowles wedding in late 2014 with her all-White dress code. In the western world, Women have traditionally worn white wedding gowns to represent their purity, and this tradition is sure to carry on, but in this day and age women want to make other statements, that of Wealth and elegance, and their weddings exhibit’s their status, what could be a stronger statement than a Gold Wedding dress? when worn with a crown the bride can easily resemble royalty, not every woman will be a fan of this extravagance but it’s a sure winner for the Glamorous.

Check out these designers who are creating elegant and beautiful Gold Wedding dresses.

Kelly Faetanini Wedding Dresses Spring 2017

Kelly Faetanini Spring 2017
Kelly Faetanini Spring 2017
Kelly Faetanini Spring 2017

Frida xhoi 2017 Collection Wedding Dress

Juxhin Kurti
Juxhin Kurti Photography
Juxhin Kurti Photography
Juxhin Kurti Photography

Would you consider wearing a Gold dress for your Wedding?

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