Inspired by the immerse talent and creativity in Africa, The folks at have put together a must see editorial dubbed Africa Rising which showcases the best of the continent’s designers including the likes of Tsemaye Binite from South Africa, Osei Duro from Ghana, Loza Maleombho from Ivory Coast, Bridget Awoshika from Nigeria among a host of others

The editorial features Maria Borges the girl who made all black girls around the world very proud by rocking her fierce low cut natural hair at 2015 Victoria Secret Fashion Show and also the gorgeous Ajak Deng



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Featured fashion brands:


Bridget Awosika
Brother Vellies
Kenneth Ize
Loza Maleombho
Needle & Thræd
Nomad Vintage NYC
Omer Asim
Orange Culture
Osei Duro
Ré (Bahia)
Richard Braqo
Third Crown
Tree Fairfax
Tsemaye Binitie
Sophie Zinga
Washington Roberts


Shoot Credits:

Photography by Ed Singleton for

Stylist: Solange Franklin
Editor: Irene Ojo-Felix
Hair: Sirsa Ponciano
Make Up: Laura Stiassni
Nails: Yukie Miyakawa
Set Design: Lizzie Lang
Photography Assistants: Max Bernetz & William Takahashi
Stylist Assistant: Kyle Hayes & Kristina Taylor
Digital Tech: Matthew Thompson
Models: Ajak Deng & Maria Borges @ IMG (New York)
Retouching – Silhouette Studio




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