Five successful young brown ladies, one talk show which can only equate to very opinionated discussions. Heels off is a new online womens talk show, discussing topics focusing on how to get ahead in such a fast paced male dominated world. Starring Oloni founder of sex and relationship blog Simply Oloni which was the winner of best sex and relationship Cosmopolitan blog awards 2015, coming as a runner up in 2014.


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Ceo of Radiant salon Rita Balogun, who recently opened up a salon in Bermondsey, which gained amazing feedback from press, gives her opinionated views on whether university is worth the time, hassle and most importantly money.

Style blogger MercedesFBenson who was a former presenter for gospel channel OHTV and is the social media manager for Google UK. Known for her signature curly locks, Mercedes stands by the tagline “Purpose over popularity”

Blogger/Stylist and Presenter Amina who is the founder of popular blog site Cheap and Cheerful, recently celebrated her 31st birthday in sunny Mallorca with blogger friend Breeny Lee. Amina was spotted at the screen nation awards covering social media for BET International, in her perfect purple locks.

Presenter and co founder of womens line Buffisha limited, Ashleigh who recently collaborated with Shoreditch radio magazine has made an empire for herself and continues to be in business launching classy pieces for women and children.

Season 1 Episodes 1
,2 and 3 has already received thousands of views with feedback of WOC thanking them for something so fresh and needed in this world. The ladies will be back on the sofas very soon as they are currently filming season 2 with no launch date as of yet.


Season 1

Episode1: – – Love and relationships

Episode2: – Beauty and Fitness

Episode3: – Career

We hope to see Heels off on our TV screens very soon!


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