The nights are getting darker, the air – frostier & the magic of Christmas looms in the crisp winter skies. Bring in the enchantment of this festive season with Chelle Candles magnificent winter collection.

Chelle Candles are a luxury brand specialising in scented soy candles and diffusers, designed and hand poured by chandler Rochelle in London since 2017. Chelle Candles have an opulent and luxurious ambience that wanders through the home and creates a cosy, intimate atmosphere. Gently flickering flames create soft light in the evening, setting the mood for any occasion. 

Snow Quartz Deluxe Gift Set

Chelle Candles offer a personalised service so you can select your own candle fragrance and there are currently some delicious festive scents on offer.  Choose from Spiced Pumpkin, Fireside & Dark Honey & Tobacco, Cashmere Vanilla & Salted Caramels, Cinnamon & Saffron, or Blue Spruce & Mistletoe to make your home smell like Christmas.

I had a chance to chat to Rochelle about her inspiration behind Chelle Candles, her favourite items in the new collection and her plans for the future. 

Rochelle – the founder of Chelle Candles

Tell us a bit more about your Chelle Candles

Chelle Candles are a stand out luxury home fragrance & homewares brand as seen in Vogue, GQ and Conde Nast Traveller Magazine. Hand poured in London, candles are made using high quality soy wax and unique selected blends of fragrance oil. Complemented by sleek diffusers, chic vases, stunning burners, gift sets and luxury melts, all products add a touch of class and sophistication to the home.

The Personalised Collection creates the opportunity to send someone love for special occasions with a lovely message on the candle glass and recipient’s name featured on the gift box. 

The Decorative and Seasonal Collection feature opulent handmade jars & vessels, premium wood wicks which crackle when burnt, and a variety of luxurious scents to choose from.  Each candle is lovingly hand poured with close attention to detail with signature design elements.

Which items in your collection are your favourite? 

Burgundy Geo Candle

My current favourites are the recently introduced Burgundy Geo Candle and Vogue Dalmatian Candle fragranced with Cashmere Vanilla & Salted Caramels. They are both unique pieces that stand out on any coffee table, mantle piece or decorative surface. In a class of its own the Burgundy Geo’s deep rich tones and diamond stud detail make it an eye-catching piece. What I love about The Vogue Dalmatian is that it embodies luxury with clear hand moulded glass, Dalmatian detail, and a polished silver lid. Both vessels feature my signature engraved plaque. 

Vogue Dalmatian Candle

Cashmere Vanilla & Salted Caramels is my favourite scent as it’s strong and indulgent. A true sexy and warm vanilla, elevated by salted caramels and tonka beans with an opulent and luxurious ambience that wanders through the home and creates a cosy, intimate atmosphere. 

I’m also in love with The Milan Trio burners which are elegant and really do match their namesake. I love that The Milan Trio has 3 separate dishes so that you can burn different scents each night without having to clean out your burner and before your wax melt is actually ready to be thrown away.

The Milan Trio burners

Who is your target customer / audience? 

My target audience are those that love luxury and want high quality authentic pieces to compliment their home or as special and unique gifts for loved ones.

What inspired you to start your own business? 

I was inspired by my desire to create something meaningful that I enjoyed doing and would bring beauty and tranquility to home, being a lover of all things home. Scented candles are a big part of how I  unwind after a busy day or at weekends and when guests come over. The ambience they bring is unmatched.

 I decided to create my business alongside working a busy office job that didn’t fulfill the creative talents I naturally have. My husband who is a fitness entrepreneur (@warriordnafit on Instagram) played a big part in inspiring and encouraging me to go for it.

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur? 

I knew I always wanted to create and build something successful that I’d be proud of but the word entrepreneur seemed a little scary to me before starting my own business. It was seeing my husband’s journey and it inspired me to turn my own business idea into a reality. 

What tips would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

I would advise them to be patient and invest time into doing research and studying the market of the area you want to start business in. That could be research on the product, legal compliance, finances involved in setting up of business. Be patient with your product/ service and if you don’t get it right the first time, see it as a tool for learning and growth. Another piece of advice would be to network and get to know those that are in the same or similar field as it’s always great to learn from and support one another.

Who are your role models or mentors? 

I’m inspired by Jo Malone who created a successful candle business which started in her kitchen. After 20 years, she sold her company and went through cancer. Then She came back stronger and reinvented another successful brand called Jo Loves. “I may no longer own my old brand but I remained Jo Malone, the person; that’s who I am, a creator of fragrance…trust in the one thing you’re good at.” Jo Malone

What’s next for you and your business? 

Expansion! As my brand grows I would like to hire a team member as I do everything myself at the moment. I would also like to get my products into selected boutiques, perhaps online, given the current world situation. 

Seasonal Mini Geo Trio of Candles Gift Set

Personally, I am in love with the Seasonal Mini Geo Trio of Candles Gift Set! It’s geometric patterned cut glass jars add the most sophisticated touch, making it the perfect gift and also a great way to try multiple scents out at home. I am very impressed with its combined burn time of approximately 78 hours! The set also features Chelle Candles luxury engraved rose gold plaque and is completed with a luxe candle care set which includes a high quality rose gold wick trimmer & beautiful candle snuffler! What’s more, all candles are hand poured using 100% soy wax which is clean burning and kind to the environment. Presented beautifully in a luxurious ivory gift box which features a silky ribbon and complimentary gift wrap, it is definitely one of the things on my Christmas wish list! 

For more information on Chelle Candles, please visit the website or follow on Instagram @chelle.candles .