There are several ways to draw the world’s attention to problems and also pay respect to the legends that came before us. Africa, in particular, has produced a lot of entertainment icons whose works need to be highlighted in the present. The continent hasn’t been duly acknowledged by the world for certain creative inventions like the famous Azonto that came from Ghana, the Shaku Shaku from Nigeria, Gwara Gwara from South Africa and a whole lot more.

When American singer, Childish Gambino debuted his new music video for This Is America over the weekend, he drew the world’s attention to several problems but also used the same medium to honour legendary Nigeria singer, Fela Kuti, known for birthing the Afrobeats genre in Africa and also performing on stages around the world without shirt. Afrobeats has become a global genre, the best part is, the new generation of African musicians are adding a few creativity to Fela’s creation and exporting to the world.

Fela Kuti (Left) & Childish Gambino (Right)

Childish also did stun the world with the South African popular dance, Gwara Gwara which took over the world last year till date. The Gwara Gwara dance moves perfectly done by East African dance, Sherrie Silver. In summary, This Is America sends a very bold message to world leaders as it also tackles issues of gun violence, police brutality etc.

Have you watched the video yet? If ‘NO’ then watch it below.

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