We are constantly being reminded that women are the rulers of this world, but is this the actual case? When Serena Williams walked into the finals of the US Open against 20-year old, Naomi Osaka, she imagined playing a smooth game and then probably lifting the trophy. However, the world tennis icon didn’t get the kind of atmosphere she envisaged, not from the fans, from the umpire of the day, Carlos Ramos who fell on the wrong side Serena for his alleged sexism comments towards her during the match.

Serena wasn’t going to let those comments passed without defending herself, so she did what every strong and confident woman will do, she turned, walked to the umpire, who was in his sitting position and asked him to surrender and apology to her for his uncalled for comments on her.

While the representatives from the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) threw their weight behind Serena, Umpire Ramos has also received massive backing from the International Tennis Federation (ITF)  and also former officials.

Now, with all that women have witnessed and stood for in 2018 regarding viral women empowerment movements like Me Too and Times Up, which speak against any form of sexual harassment on women, and has publicly received support from global entertainment mavens such Oprah Winfrey and more. These movements have done well so far in giving women the needed voice, but, do we have more Serena Williams out there who would stand for their rights?

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