There is nothing more inviting for visitors in your home than a cozy living room. Regardless the season, every home can benefit from adding a little cozy comfort.

If you’re looking for easy, stylish way of making your space warmer this chilly season, check out these 4 tricks for making your home feel cozier.

Make use of warm colours

While  cooler colours like blue, purple and dark green can visually enhance a room, warmer tones such as peach,orange, brown and red can make a space feel more compact.

Books for decorating

Using books to decorate is an old way to invite people to get comfy. Even though more people nowadays prefer reading online, there is something comforting about real books.

Try painting your walls darker

If you are not into light hues you can always paint your walls with darker colours. Your charcoal greys and browns add a cozy factor to a room. To make your dark space more inviting, be sure to add pops of metallics or whites.

Layer it up

The easiest and most common way to create warmth and an inviting space is by piling up blankets, rugs and cushions.


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