10540344_504806576363527_1072196436_n“The beauty of a woman is in her hair,” and that’s why we love to celebrate African women and their incredible hairstyles. Who remember the days of this hot mama rocking dreads? I wanted to have dreads immediately I finished high school, just because she rocked it so well, but my mom won’t have that.  She’s one of those moms that still look amazing after bringing for kids. She’s a born stunner any day, whether she’s on the cover of a magazine, strutting on red carpets, or featuring in an advert, we can’t help but admire. 11326319_592534377553878_1673510535_n 11374701_495512063939548_546186901_n 11372049_415453505304565_606732226_n 11326666_1576367892617205_2026461757_n 11311301_133408313663306_1931383420_n

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