Luxe Beauty Soiree, a beauty and lifestyle event will be discussing beauty and diversity with a fantastic line up of industry experts On March 17, 2018, at London College of Fashion.

There will be opportunities to meet and network with top-notch personnel in the industry from all ethnicities – bloggers, beauty influencers, cosmetics and beauty companies as well as a wide range of media across all platforms. A multicultural and diverse event which is true to the culture of London in its inclusiveness and progressive thinking.

The trend in recent years and months has seen giants in the beauty industry using strategic marketing and promotion to tackle diversity from different angles. Therefore, Luxe Beauty Soiree is seeking to bring all the huge names in the beauty industry to discuss this topic and take a look at the way forward.

Here are the topics to be discussed by the panels:

  • Diversity: How to get through the marketing minefield?
  • Black or White: The controversial practice of skin bleaching vs tanning.
  • Diversity vs Freedom of Expression – Is it art or assimilation?
  • Fro, Weave or Wig? Hijab, Turban or Fringe? Why does a woman’s headgear & hair styling cause political ripples and campaigns?

There will be a short presentation by Changing Faces, a charity helping people with disfigurements challenge prejudice and find a way to live life. There will also be a 3-part demo, ‘Championing unique beauty through diverse models’, by companies actively promoting diversity through their products.

All attendees in addition to the panellists, top bloggers and social media influencers will be drawn from diverse background to support diversity in the industry, and a large number of international media covering both television and print publishing. Luxe Beauty Soiree aims to also encourage the press to speak to the people at the grassroots of the industry, hear their concerns and experiences and what they see as the solution to drive the industry forward.

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