In case you are wondering what ESIMBI means, well then get ready cause class is in session. First off, ESIMBI is a Congolese word which means ‘it works’ but we are not here to school you on the Congolese native language.

ESIMBI is a new enterprise set-up to mainly provide vocational training with secured employment through an Apprenticeship Project and an Apprenticeship Resource Hub to help young adults living in the UK and the Democratic Republic of Congo with the help of three alliance charities i.e Rejeer, Educate Congo and Malaika.

ESIMBI was launched about a week ago at the prestigious Mayfair London venue Mallet Antiques. As much as the venue for the launch sounds so fancy, Tina Lobondi (founder) needs your help to raise funds and awareness. In her own words, Tina believes…

”ESIMBI will provide a platform to assist young and talented adults in forging successful career paths armed with profession-specific vocational education. ESIMBI aims to assist a minimum of twenty young adults within its apprenticeship program each year. Its guided principles are embedded within our motto Inspire Empower Achieve”

During the launch, Tina Lobondi showcased her beautiful designs and also Congolese artist Aime Mpane had her very first solo UK art exhibition titled ‘No more candy’ which basically refers to superficial gestures such as sweets given to children rather than long term holistic strategy in her home country Congo.

X Factor/Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe-Jasmine Whichello was also in attendance. Check out photos from the launch below and remember no amount is too small click here to donate to ESIMIBI


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