Listen, eyebrows seem to be the most noticeable point of  beauty in the face of every woman, men too. Today’s woman can have a bad hair day and still rock a headshot or selfie with ‘fleeky eyebrows’not overdone, simply natural. It is crucial that you know how this is done, so your images don’t trend with memes of mockery.


  • Give your eyebrows a chance to grow out fully and then get it shaped by a professional. DO NOT PLUCK EVERYDAY! Maintain it at home by only plucking stray hairs that grow out of shape.


  • DO NOT TWEEZE above the brow, because it can cause your hair to thin – only tweeze below the arch.


  • When you sit too close to the mirror while plucking, you focus on every hair instead of the shape of your brow, this can cause you to pluck in a thin or uneven shape. USE A LARGE MIRROR so you can see your whole face shape.


  • Using EYEBROW STENCILS can give you an artificial shape and result in noticeable unnatural looking brows. You’d rather look naturally made-up than evidently unnatural.


  • If  you use make-up to fill in your brows, make sure it’s THE RIGHT SHADE FOR YOU. If you have light-coloured hair, go for a shade darker than your hair and if you have dark hair use the same colour as the lightest part of your hair. This will keep your eyebrows looking natural.


  • Less is definitely more when it comes to filling in your brows. Use a sharp pencil or, if you are using a shadow, use it sparingly and APPLY USING FEATHER-LIKE STROKES. This will give your eyebrows a natural look.


Below is an eyebrow tutorial from Desi Perkins




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