Yesterday evening, I made my way to Nando’s Soho for a pop up exhibition dedicated to showcasing South African art and discussing the issues around the creating and marketing of art. The works of Patrick Bongoy, nomThunzi Mashalaba and Zemba Luzamba (to list a few of my favourites from the collection) adorned the converted space of the restaurant.

Pieces by Zemba Luzamba.

Eating at Nando’s is always an experience, not just because of the good chicken, but because of the atmosphere each dinning opportunity brings; each meal is carefully curated with music, food and art. Each time I find myself in Nando’s, I cannot help but comment on the art around me (there is one particular piece hanging in Nando’s Ealing of a congregation in prayer and without fail, every time, I find myself staring and conversing about it).

Yesterday’s exhibition brought such pieces of art to life.

Pieces by Henk Serfontein.

In collaboration with 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, Feast Your Eyes not only allows you to see the pieces being exhibited, but you can also step inside the work space of the artists. Littered around the ‘gallery’ are devices which allows you to immerse yourself in a the artist’s studio and surrounds. You can virtually transport yourself into the street of South Africa and see where each piece came from and the surroundings which contributed to their creation.

Pieces by Shakes Tembani.

Nando’s Soho will remain a converted gallery and open to the public over the next two days. The art is not only on display but open for purchase, with prices ranging from £50 to £6,000 (all proceeds will go directly to the artist). If you’re around Soho this weekend, its definitely worth meandering into 10 Frith Street to explore the pop-up exhibition.

Feature image: piece by Zemba Luzamba in Nando’s Hadfield.

Images provided by Sutton PR.

For further information on Feast Your Eyes, click here.

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