What do you get when you combine the brains of a trailblazing beauty consultant with the skills of a forward-thinking makeup artist? The result is FIB Cosmetics, a Nigerian-Irish founded beauty brand that’s sure to become a regular feature in your makeup bag.

With years of experience in the beauty industry, FIB Cosmetics prides itself on providing premium makeup products such as highlighters, lashes, beauty sponges, and eye shadow palettes. Born out of the founder’s love for beauty as a professional makeup artist, FIB Cosmetics aims to help the everyday woman to boost their confidence.

FIB Cosmetics was founded by Funmi Ibidun Balogun, an entrepreneur, business lover, professional makeup artist, and beauty/fashion enthusiast with an MSc in data analytics. Passionate about business and encouraging others to take the bold step, she started as a beauty consultant of a cosmetics brand and achieved the position of independent sales director for the UK and Ireland.

“After being a beauty consultant for years, I decided to venture out and start my own brand which could give every woman access to good quality products at an affordable price.”

Living up to its vision of encouraging women, and after seeing her daughter’s passion and interest in the business, Funmi decided to bring her daughter, Dolapo Balogun on board as co-founder (talk about a power duo!). We advise you to get your wallets ready because products from FIB Cosmetics are not only a must-have, but are perfect to gift friends and loved ones.

To make it easy for you, we have selected three of our favourite products you absolutely need to have in your beauty bag:

  • The Spectrum EyeShadow Palette: Be ready to be star-struck by this super pigmented eye shadow palette delicately packed in a mirrored case. All shades can be worn during the day and at night and can be worn individually or layered to create the perfect look, providing endless options for stellar eye makeup.
  • Golden Drip & Bronze Sun Highlighters: Glow up with these pigmented vibrant highlighters, available in two shades to suit all skin tones. A must-have for all glow lovers.
  • Pro Blending Beauty Sponge: Achieve a flawless base with this super-soft, latex-free, 3D marble beauty blender. This must-have beauty blender is perfect for powders, creams, and even liquid makeup products. It can be used for blending, covering imperfections, and creating a smooth, airbrushed finish.


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