Have you ever seen images of glossy haired beauties with their bouncy curls and thought “Why is my hair not like that?” Well fear not, healthy hair is just 5 simple steps away. By making consistent little tweaks to your current hair care practice, Glam Africa and Afrotility will walk  you through to healthier hair. Over the next few weeks we will consider these simple steps to better, healthier hair.

So what’s step one? It’s all in your Attitude!

Our attitude towards our hair will affect the health of our hair. In what way? We all know that ‘the grass seems greener on the other side” but that is an illusion. If we constantly compare our hair to images we see on social media or to our peers we miss out on getting to really know our own hair.  This makes it harder to understand our own hair needs because we start focusing on doing what the next person is doing with their hair.

Applying someones hair regimen/routine to yourself can lead to constant disappointment and dissatisfaction. We then speak negatively of our own hair and fail to accept and appreciate it for what it is. It also steals the enjoyment away, hair becomes a chore and subconsciously we admit to not having “good hair“. There are only two types of hair from my observation “healthy hair” and “unhealthy hair“.

Tip: Learn to listen to your hair. Hair responds positively when it loves a product or style. So pay more attention to how your hair reacts to external influences

Finally appreciate your hair. Be thankful you have hair and treat it with love and care. Use other people as inspiration. Enjoy the beauty of their hair without mentally devaluing your own. We look forward to walking towards healthier hair with you and would love to hear your comments and questions. If you are at a place of hair satisfaction, what helped you get there? Share your tips with others.

Glam Africa’s Natural Hair Inspiration for the week goes to Teyonah Parris (image from her shoot in Issue Magazine). Have fun with your hair ladies.imageimage

We’ll see you next week for step two. Until the, Happy Hair Loving!




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AUTHOR: Afrotility

Afrotility is the founder of blieq.com , her focus is on natural hair care and styling. She is Passionate about afro hair in all its different degrees of curliness, and believes that “understanding your hair is the key to enjoying it and loving every single curly strand”. She also insists that “no styling without consultation” should be the new standard.


Editor: Ama Badu (Senior Online Editor)