In our series dubbed Foodie Friday, we focus on bloggers and individuals who are serving the best nutritious and tasteful dishes week in week out. Today, on Foodie Friday, we are taking look at Onidodo, a Nigerian restaurant that provides mouthwatering dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sticking to its motor which reads – Taste of Africa, Onidodo starter consists mainly of Asun – prepared from chopped goat meat soused in scotch bonnet and red onion, Nkwobi – prepared from cow leg tossed in spicy palm oil broth etc. The Main Courses include Lamb Chops – a braised lamb cutlets that comes with Jollof rice and Plaintain, Efo Riro/Egusi – Spinach tossed in assorted meat tomato sauce or melon sauce, and, Pounded Yam, Eba, Amala, Fried Rice, Yam feature prominently on the Desserts menu.

We can’t leave out Onidodo’s tall list of different drinks that include some of the known brands to specially prepared cocktails just for your relaxation during and after work. Onidodo really brings the true taste of Africa to you!

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