Food is ready!

Entering the weekend on a high note with all these aromas from Salma Eatery, a mini restaurant owned and operated by Ghanaian actress, Salma Mumin. The brand has over the year’s welcomed clients from all walks of life, especially local celebrities who are treated to a friendly and welcoming first class hospitality service.

Among the dishes featured regularly on Salma’s Eatery menu is the specially made french fries and chicken wigs – most people’s favourite including our digital feature writer, Samuel.

Mostly, contemporary and local dishes like boiled yam and palava sauce, jollof rice with chicken, cooked beans with fried ripe plantain, banku and tilapia and different cocktail drinks. The dishes are just mouthwatering!

There need for more is frequent because every single dish there will whet your appetite once you arrive. Browse through our gallery for more.

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