Fro’s are a crown jewel of a naturalista. There is no ‘trend’ or style that comes in and out of fashion, how one styles there own is what makes it unique and turns into a trend. I.E the blue afro trend, ombre’d fro’s etc. Below is afrocentric beauty Stacey who has turned fro’s into an international season that will never be less than a classic.


Blue Haired goddess Stacey, blogger of snaps her gorgeous curls to her 17K instagram followers often with grunge/rocknroll makeup to match the look. She enjoys mixing colours and different textures for the perfect attire. Having been featured on, Stacey continues to be a part of the rising plus sized bloggersphere, and feels enlightened that she is not alone in that market. As her confidence continues to sky rise so does her belief that there is nothing wrong with her appearance.



Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 16.19.55


blue hair



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