We have seen Richard Mofe-Damijo starred in lots of quality moves from Nollywood and productions from other countries within and outside Africa, he has never disappointed with his act.

Regarded as one of the best on the continent and a legend in his field, the Nigerian actor, writer, lawyer and business man is cooking his own family comedy show titled “Mr X” and from all indications, it is going to be one not to miss.

We are anxious already to watch the first episode, he shared few stories leading to the creation of the show and how shooting has been to they finally wrapping set work for season one.

Read his comments below:


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Long before we even went public with our new TV show, we have had a great number of people inundating us with requests for the opportunity to be part of it in any way they could. From writers, actors, producers, writers, set designers to fashion designers, make-up artists, stylists, hair stylists, etc. It has been a bit cumbersome for my creative team and I to keep up with all the emails, phone calls and personal requests all of which are unsolicited but when it came to finding a fashion designer/fashion designers for our photo shoot, I am sticking with #madeinNigeria so if you're a fashion entrepreneur and would like your clothes to be used by The Mr X Family Show cast then reach out to our creative director @ninacool22 or send a mail to nina.rmdtvng@gmail.com

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So we wrapped on the set of my new TV series, The Mr X Family Show on saturday and it was every shade of awesome. The moment the director called it a Wrap we all screamed. We danced. We sang. "Hi Fived". I looked at everyone and couldn't help but thank God for all His mercies. It was 4 weeks of intense shoot preceded by over 2 years of preparation. There are so many people to thank and so much to say. I remember the big thigs and the small small things too and i wonder if there are even big things afterall…. The small things, the little things, the teeny-weeny things that seem so insignificant sometimes take centre stage in your life. Little things like my 16 years old son calling and sending me a message to ask how my shoot is going. It’s getting home to find a bowl of salad in the fridge every night at past 10 or 11 from the Mrs. It’s the driver who insists on driving me home even when it’s too late for him to make his own way home; @omardavie_collection who goes beyond self to do other people’s job to get the shoot going; the director who refuses to close at 8pm and closes at 10pm to get more work done. Its @menaajakpovi My lawyer who comes by to see the shoot and writes me a cheque to help pay salaries are the little things that make everything else more meaningful. It’s @moabudu coming by bearing gifts, wines, and cupcakes for everyone. It’s the props lady staying after closing hours to prepare the studio for the next day’s shoot. It’s @brownsugar4bim coming through last minute with clothing for @officialegoboyo. Its @oldenglishsuperstore making sure there’s bread and beverages everyday for cast and crew.It’s all the little things combined that create the big things in our lives. That makes the world a better place. You see, the little are really not just little things but beautiful things. #thexfamilyshow #MrX. #rmdproductions.

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