Honey Malaolu is a bespoke luxury fashion brand inspired by beautiful rich colours and ethnic cultures, keeping the essence of the butterfly at the centre of each of her designs.


Honey Malaolu is in Lagos to unveil a new collection called “Metamorphosis” to celebrate the multifaceted side of the 21st century woman, with a fluid identity and on the impact of fashion to diversify the domestic and African economy.

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The industry has acknowledged the impact and the effect of Nigerian culture and new international power players. Fashion is looking to Africa for the expansion of brands and this reaffirms the potential of luxury in the region. With many celebrities and notable figures shows from Beyonce, Rihanna to U.S First Lady,Michelle ObamaNigeria is riding high in the fashion stakes. Honey Malaolu brand has positioned itself at the forefront of a new trend where fabrics outline hints and fusion of cultural styles, to re-write a new African renaissance and inspired fashion narrative in a world with a peculiar international jet-set from London, Barcelona, Lagos , to Dubai, en passant Moscow, Johannesburg.

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