The fashion industry has always been an epitome of adaptability and innovation, and this has never been more evident as it is right now. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on worldwide, designers everywhere are exploring alternative approaches to visual storytelling, from CGI modelling and digital fashion shows to lookbooks and fashion films.

Ghanaian womenswear brand BIIO is one of the most intriguing fashion labels in the West African landscape today. The brain behind the brand is none other than creative director and designer Nathaniel Bio, who is currently turning heads with the release of his 2020 Fall/Winter Collection.

While sharing some of the inspirations behind his latest lookbook, titled “The Programming”, he said: “Growing up, every time I tried to question why I had to act and think in a very programmed manner, the answer was ‘it’s always been that way’, an answer I’ve never given in to because I believe every programmed action or thought process must have a source.”

Visually, the photos are stunning, with BIIO’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection fusing black & white/primary colours with minimalist aesthetics in a manner reminiscent of the works of Piet Mondrian. Through his intricate designs and unique brand of storytelling, Nathaniel Bio is able to reimagine society and tackle social issues in the way he knows best – through his art.

“In 2012, with a thread, needle, and some scrap print from my mother’s fabric collection, the first BIIO garment was assembled in our living room that I’d turn into a workshop. A few amateur running stitches, a Facebook post, and 2 likes later, the concept of BIIO was born. As an introverted 17-year-old with speech issues, expressing myself had always been a struggle. But on that day I made my first garment, I found the voice I needed to question the status quo I grew up on. 9 years down the line and a brand launch later, the vision has stayed the same. To share stories that constantly challenge our programming and cause our audience to unlearn and reprogram their minds. ”

BIIO’s 2020 Fall/Winter Collection is available for pre-order now.